All you need to know before you schedule a lesson

Private Tutoring during the COVID-19 Pandemic & Lockdowns

In these unprecedented times, my priority is keeping you, students, your loved ones, and the vulnerable individuals in our society, safe. As a result, and until further notice, I will not be offering In Person Tutoring, but I will continue delivering full-time Online Tutoring. Thank you for your understanding and constant support.

Which App(s) to use for Online Lessons?

I currently use Virtual Meeting Rooms (Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom). If you haven't tried Distance Learning before, you would be surprised by just how much this way of teaching has to offer and wonder why you never tried it before! And remember: your tutor is always here to guide and help you!

Cancellation Policy

There are times when advance notification is not possible and I am willing to adapt myself as much as possible to students facing circumstances beyond their control. However, I require a minimum cancellation period prior to a lesson.

- If I am not notified (by phone or by email) of a cancellation 48 hours prior to a session, the full cost of the session will be payable.
- In case my student(s) and I can find another convenient time slot within the week, the lesson will be postponed and will not be charged.

If you contact me prior to this timeframe, thank you for your courtesy!

About the 1-hour FREE Introductory Session

I offer to all my future students a first 1-hour Introductory/Warm up session in order to get to know each other better, to help me gauge their French level and to define the right tuition for them.

Which Material do I need?

All you need is a Computer, a Laptop or a Tablet/Ipad (for Conversation sessions only). In order to work in a calm and stress-free environment, feel free to use Headphones.
I provide much of the tuition material and I also recommend references of French As Foreign Language Learning Methods and Activity Books for active Learners.